Janssen Cosmetics: NORMALIZING SKIN FLUID 25x2mL

Janssen Cosmetics: NORMALIZING SKIN FLUID 25x2mL

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Contains 25 Ampoules


• Reduces and normalizes sebum gland activity
• Inflammation abates, blemishes are reduced
• For a clear, matte and healthy skin profile
• Normalizes and stabilizes the skin's functions
• Acts to combat the formation of blackheads


helps to balance oily, blemished skin. Oleanolic acid suppresses oil production, while salicylic acid opens pores, exfoliates dead skin cells, and softens blackheads. Meanwhile, aloe vera and red algae extract soothe irritated skin.



• Long-chain hyaluronic acid: Skin-caring, moisturizing, smoothing
• Anti-sebum active substance complex: Contains an extract from olive leaves (oleanolic acid), reduces excessive sebum production, has a keratolytic and bactericidal effect
• Salicylic acid: Opens the pores, removes dead skin cells on the surface, softens blackheads (keratolytic) • Aloe vera extract: Soothing, skin-clarifying, moisturizing
• Red algae extract (Condrus crispus): Moisturizing


Distribute Normalizing Skin Fluid gently onto cleansed skin. To do so, break off the top of the ampoule, protecting your hands with a paper tissue, and pour the entire content into the palm of your hand. Then distribute evenly over the affected areas of skin on the face and neckline and press in gently. Leave out the eye area. For external use only.

*Application note: Application with iontophoresis only if the skin condition permits.

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