Esthetician Review by Amy (IG: @roccoandali_bengal_bros)

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🍂So let’s start off with this wonderful Enzyme Peeling Gel (Exfoliant Gel) by @gelmersea

🍂Do you have sensitive skin? If so this is the product for you. It is made with natural ingredients such as; fruit enzymes that gently remove dead skin cells & impurities. While the enzyme soothes & restores skin.

🍂How to use this the @gelmersea Enzyme Peeling Gel; these are the recommended instructions.

🍁Use once or twice a week.
🍁Massage gently on dry skin in light circular motions.
🍁Gel will start removing dead skin cells.
🍁Rinse well after.

🍂Personally I use this once a week because, my skin is so sensitive.

🍂It’s so refreshing to know there are products for sensitive skin too.

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