Our Story: Over 1,000 Estheticians Approve: Rapid Relief, Resilient Renewal

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"Over 1,000 Estheticians Approve: Rapid Relief, Resilient Renewal"



Gelmersea ceuticals provide fast-acting soothing care to calm sensitive skin irritation and flare-ups, while also fortifying and renewing skin's resilience with ongoing use. Trusted by over 1,000 estheticians for its gentle yet powerfully effective approach.


When sensitive skin is inflamed and distressed, you need more than just a gentle, non-irritating routine – you need fast-acting relief. That's where Gelmersea's medical-grade ceuticals come in, designed to rapidly neutralize redness, irritation, and discomfort.

At the core of these powerful yet gentle formulas are innovative biomimetic peptides and botanical actives that work in perfect synergy to bring reactive skin back into balance.  Gelmersea Ceuticals don't just put out the fire – they help fortify sensitive skin's resilience for the long haul. 

Once the initial calm has been restored, Gelmersea's comprehensive maintenance system takes over, simplifying the daily routine while continuing to nurture and shield delicate complexions.

Market Place for Private Label Brands

In addition to being an online beauty and skin care store, Gelmersea.com is also a market place for private labels and boutique brands. We vet and feature brands that are proven and help them connect to our network of estheticians. 

Since launching our own skin care brands, we understand the challenges that boutique brands have to encounter. The lesson we learn and the leverage we have with data-driven marketing, makes us a perfect partner to help create an online presence for your private label.