What Keloidal Scars?

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Keloids is a raised scar after an ingury has healed, is caused by an excess protein (collagen) in the skin during healing. Keloids are firm, rubbery lesions or shiny, fibrous nodules, and can vary from pink to the color of the person's skin or red to dark brown in color. A keloid scar is benign and not contagious, but sometimes accompanied by severe itchiness, pain, and changes in texture. In severe cases, it can affect movement of skin. Keloids can develop over weeks or months and typicall do not go away on their own. One way to treat that is with surgical removal.

Before any medical procedures, try considering at-home treatments.Moisturizing oils, can help to keep the tissue soft. These might help reduce the size of the scar without making it worse. Keloids tend to shrink and become flatter over time, even without treatment.Initially, your doctor will probably recommend less-invasive treatments, such as silicone pads.


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