Vampire facial: what is it and is it dangerous?

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What is vampire facial?

A Vampire Facial (Platelet-Rich Plasma PRP Facial),  is a procedure done on the face by causing trauma ( micro needling: a process that uses tiny needles to puncture holes into epidermis. )  to help promote the healing and regeneration of injured tissues by utilizing the growth factors found in platelets. Physicians draw your own blood and then placed in a centrifuge which separates the blood cells, white blood cells , platelets and plasma. The growth-factor-rich platelets are then injected into the face using micro needling.

Is vampire facial dangerous?

Absolutely Yes! There are  tremendous ricks involved when it come to using needle by non medically trained professionals. Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV are the there main infections that can be obtained from unclean needles. A recent event in New Mexico confirmed 2 case of HIV infection after a vampire facial. That’s why it’s imperative that when you receive treatment (whether medical or for physical changes), you ensure that the needles used are either new or were properly sanitized.  You should always go to reputable medical clinic for this kind of procedure. Make sure you watch them open a new disposable needle.

PRP are usually performed by very experienced doctors used for sport injuries, maxillofacial. Using laser or microdermabrasion causing trauma in dermis will activate cells to produces collagenous fiber and  ground substance as well. There has been great controverial in dermatology community regard PRP precedures.

Less risky way to achieve radiant skin

Want younger looking skin? There are 4 tips:

1)Do more vigorous indoor exercise. When you work out, little tears are made in the muscles itself, this micro trauma may sound harmful, the muscle repair this tears when resting, help muscle and skin to grow in strength.

2)Maintain good hydration during the day. This including drink 8 classes of water daily, wear a good moisturizer daily creating a barrier so that your own moisture is retained.

3)Do not stay in the sun daily for more that 30 minute. Sun damage and pollution are the top 2 environmental factors for skin aging.

4) Have a proper skin care routine.


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