Ambassador Program

About Us

Gelmersea is a plant-based skincare company, designed by professional estheticians for general consumer use. The company specializes in multi-functional products for customers with sensitive skin.

We are seeking new brand ambassadors who are passionate about skincare and enthusiastic to incorporate Gelmersea product lines into their lifestyle, as well as showcase the brand. If you're self-motivated and driven by success, we would love to talk to you about becoming the face of Gelmersea. 

Brand Ambassador

What You’ll Be Doing as a Gelmersea Brand Ambassador

    • Share your experience with Gelmersea products with your social media audience. Tell them the ins and outs. Which products you like best, how you use the products, and most importantly, why Gelmersea?
    • You’ll be representing Gelmersea and what we stand for on all social networks by tagging the brand and using relevant hashtags like #Gelmserea and #Sensitiveskin  in your pictures and posts.
    • Give ideas and feedback on new and existing products. We are always looking for ways to improve our current products and offer new products. We want to hear your perspective!
    • Potential to represent the brand at major in-Store events and meet some awesome Gelmersea team members!
    • Promote Gelmersea giveaway promotions on your social media platform
    • Like Gelmersea Facebook page and follow us on Instagram

What You’ll Get for Being a Gelmersea Brand Ambassador

    • Upon approval, you will receive a customized package of skincare goodies to try out!
    • Recognition and promotion on our social networks. All ambassadors have the chance to be features on our social media pages, website, and more! Include #Gelmersea to make sure we see your posts.
    • A chance to become a sponsored ambassador. We want to begin by forming relationships with ambassadors through organic collaborations.
    • Exclusive looks at pre-launch products


    • Follow us on our social media channels.
    • Complete and submit the Application Questionnaire and Agreement 
    • You will receive an email from us within 3-5 business days of application receipt.


    • At least age 18 or older
    • Must have a minimum of 500 followers on your strongest social media network
    • Influencer authorizes Gelmersea to share images/videos/blog content on the Brands’ social media platforms, in store, and for all advertising purposes.