Jojoba Oil: treats skin disorders, balances oil production







Lavender Oil: antibacterial, healing & soothing


Hamaelis Virginiana Extract (witch hazel) : soothing on the skin, reduces minor inflammation, reduces swelling & redness. Restore the suppleness of skin

Gelmersea Ceuticals Oxygen Boost Mix : ingenious delivery system infuses oxygen molecules into the skin. Oxygen molecules plump the skin and resurface wrinkles for a smoother, firmer skin. Enhance the potency of any products that follow

Gelmersea Ceuticals Almond Mix : rich in potent antioxidant vitamin A, E Zinc. Protects skin from oxidative stress & UV radiation damage

Alpha Bisabolol: Moisturizes deeply, bisabolol is a good source of panthenol which is a form of vitamin B

Peptide Complex: chains of amino acids that are building blocks of proteins in the skin

MSM : acts as the "glue" that holds together our amino acid chains / building blocks of all tissues.

Hexapetide: water-binding properties and skin-restoring ability

Arginine & Lysine : helps to clear acne, key component of collagen

Glutarmine: plays a key role in the growth of fibroblast cells

Ceramides: III, VI, and I. Skin ceramides make up 35-40% of the lipids in the extracellular that binds together protective cells in the outermost skin layer