Newest RF MEMS (Radio Frequency) Wrinkle Reduction Machine

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What's RF MEMS?

A radio frequency microelectromechanical system is a microelectromechanical systems with electronic components comprising moving sub millimeter sized parts that provide radio frequency functionality. Its the next generation technology that distributes heat more evenly, with 256 gold micro sensors, and penetrates to dermis 10-15mm.

FR MEMS is the newest technology in skin smoothing treatment and is a non invasive radiosurgery therapy. This heat gets deep enough into the skin layer where it can stimulate your body's own collagen production and it gives a reboot thus it helps your skin start producing collagen again and creating tighten and firm skin.

  • No Surgery or Injection
  • A Daily Treatment, quick treatment 10-15 minutes daily , depending on the treatment area, can deliver instant results for most clients.
  • Fast and Comfortable: designed to deliver maximum results in short, comfortable treatment
  • Little to No downtime: Go right back to life as usual.
  • Lasting Results Results improve over time, clients see results in 20 days.
  • Multiple Treatment areas: Treats wrinkles and loose skin on the face, around the eyes and on the body.

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