Hoba Care Jojoba Oil 100% Organic 8 fl oz

Hoba Care Jojoba Oil 100% Organic 8 fl oz

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All our Organic HobaCare Jojoba is 100% USDA Certified.

All Skin Types! Even Sensitive, Acne Prone Skins.

Our 100% Pure Jojoba is expeller pressed from carefully selected jojoba seeds. It is very different from commonly available commercial grades of jojoba, because we pre-select the seed we use to produce our product, ensuring it is the best available.

We also have the seed pressed to optimize quality, not maximize yield. The ONLY product we sell is first press, unrefined 100% pure golden jojoba.

Pure jojoba is a liquid wax ester akin to the esters humans produce in their skin.

  • Jojoba is non-allergenic
  • Jojoba is is non-comedogenic (does not clog pores)
  • Jojoba does not turn rancid
  • Jojoba does not stain
Benefits and Uses
  • Moisturizes, softens and conditions skin to restore elasticity 
  • Be used as makeup remover
  • Can be used to for massages including face, infant, hot stone and more.
  • Can be used as hair conditioner and adds shine and tames flyaway 
  • Can soften cuticles 
  • Scalp treatment 
  • For shaving and after shave 

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