Janssen Cosmetics Age Perfecting Serum 1 fl oz

Janssen Cosmetics Age Perfecting Serum 1 fl oz

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Janssen Cosmetic Mature Skin

Age Perfecting Serum

  • Visibly improves skin structure and firmness
  • Radiant complexion with enhanced luminosity ensures a fresh, youthful appearance


CRC (Cellular Regeneration Complex)
Red Clover Extract: Rich in isoflavones, reduces creases, firms the skin, moisturises
Kombucha: Fermented black tea, smooths the skin thanks to the lipo-filling effect, improves radiance and gives a rosier complexion
Long and Short-Chained Hyaluronic Acid: Moisturising and binding. Ideal for mature skin which is showing traces of small creases
Vitamin E - Acetate: Becomes free vitamin E in the skin and neutralises damaging free radicals
Vitamin C - Phosphate: Stabilises vitamin C, acts as an antioxidant, supports the effect of vitamin E and the new formation of collagen
Plant Stem Cells from the Alpine Rose: Strengthen the skin and make it more resistant to environmental stress


In the mornings and evenings, apply Age Perfecting Serum to the cleansed skin of the face and décolleté. You can then apply your usual care cream over it.

Tip: Age Perfecting Serum can be applied right up to the eyes before the usual eye contour care.