Janssen Cosmetics Calming Eye Care Lotion 1.0 fl

Janssen Cosmetics Calming Eye Care Lotion 1.0 fl

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Eye Care Lotion

  • Combats swelling and dark rings around the eyes
  • Smoothes creases caused by drynes
  • Fortifies the sensitive skin in the eye area
  • Cools and refreshes
  • Also suitable for persons who wear glasses and contact lenses


  • Sensitive complex: Highly-active plant extract containing active substances from Asiatic marsh pennywort, butcher's broom, calendula, horse chestnut and liquorice root; alleviates the signs of irritation (redness, swelling, feelings of tension)
  • Skin defense complex: Highly-active plant extract consisting of active substances from
    Cardiospermum halicacabum (balloon vine which grows in the tropics)
    Echium plantagineum (echium seed oil)
    Unsaponifiable constituents of sunflower oil
    Verifiably soothes, acts to combat redness, fortifies the skin's barrier structure
  • ?-bisabolol: Soothing
  • Eyebright: Decongestant, reduces dark rings around the eyes
  • Saccharide isomerate: Moisture retention substance obtained from natural sugars; is firmly bound to the skin's keratin and leads to optimal skin moisturization thanks to its very good moisture-binding capacity
  • Isostearyl-isostearate: Shortened to ISIS; emollient based on replenishable raw plant materials; fortifies the hydrolipidic barrier via the cohesion of the lipids in the Stratum corneum and reduces the skin's trans-epidermal moisture loss 


Dab Eye Care Lotion onto the skin in the eye area in the morning and evening and pat in gently.

*Active substance study on 10 volunteers with daily application over a period of four weeks (in the morning and evening).