Janssen Radiant Firming Tonic 6.7 FL oz.

Janssen Radiant Firming Tonic 6.7 FL oz.

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The facial tonic removes undesired water residues and any cleansing product residues from the surface of the skin. With its refreshing and reviving function, it restores the skin's equilibrium and enhances the effect of subsequent care preparations.

Radiant Firming Tonic is a mild, alcohol-free facial tonic with a skin-friendly pH value. It boosts individual well-being each time it is applied and revives the skin, perceptibly toning and refreshing it.


  • The skin profile appears smoother and its pores finer
  • The skin is better prepared to absorb subsequently applied products
  • The skin is perceptibly revived and refreshed
  • Skin-friendly pH value
  • Leaves the skin feeling absolutely clean