Lab Series Pro LS ALL-IN-ONE Face Treatment 50mL

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A global best seller. Super light, fast-absorbing moisturizer checks multiple items off your daily routine—it is an efficiency expert. Delivers four skin benefits: soothes, hydrates, repairs the look of skin, and controls shine. One and done. Made to simplify your morning routine and streamline the contents of your travel or gym bag.

1.Immediately nourishes to calm and soothe skin.
93% of men felt skin was instantly calmed, smoothed, and looked refreshed.
2. Instant Moisture - replenishes hydration, while over time helps to rebuild and fortify skin's moisture barrier. 99% of men felt skin was instantly moisturized.
3. Damage Repair - helps diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles. After 4 weeks, 88% of men saw the appearance of lines and wrinkles was minimized.
4. Shine Control - with our patented iMatte™ technology to help instantly absorb oil. Leaves skin looking clean and less shiny.
93% of men instantly saw shine-free skin.