Mlen Magnetic Eyelashes (1 pair reusable eyelashes )

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Mlen Magnetic Eyelashes

If you like long, fluttery, but still realistic-looking lashes, these babies are it. Just place the upper strip on top of your lashes, and line up the bottom strip underneath your lashes (like a sandwich) until the magnets click together.Wear it in seconds. All in one piece of work closely fit the eyes.

This kit comes with 1 pair of lashes, a magnetic applicator tool to make the process even simpler, and a compact carrying case, which makes the price tag a little easier to justify.

Can be worn about 300 times.

Cleaning Direction for your Mlen Magnetic Lashes:

Warming! Please do not use any oil based products on your Mlen lashes, Oil can cause damage to your lashes.

Step 1: Remove the eyelashes in the direction of eyelashes growth.Take your Mlen magnetic lash and grip it gently between your fingers. Be sure you are holding the band, and not the lashes or magnets as this could damage your Mlen magnetic lashes.

Step 2: Spray normal saline (contact lens solution) on a cotton swab or Q tip

Step 3: Use the cotton swab or Q tip to brush (clean) along the front and back of the eyelash tip

Step 4: Place into the box

Style features by Japan's eyelash beauty masters, it is made of 0.05mm South Korean imported artificial mink which is a type of super soft material. Using 6 eyelashes of 7-8-9-20-23mm in length, the eyelashes are made according to the human eye shape. It highlights the gentle and sweet character women's eyes, making the eyes 4 dimensional.



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