Nebulyft R2 Nebula Rosette Beauty Device

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Nebulyft Multipolar Micro-RF Beauty Device R2

- Microdot™ 2.0 technology with 320 denser Gold Microdots on a large Micro-RF panel, accelerating collagen cell regeneration like never before.

- Intelligent Variable Frequency (0.5-2MHz) unveils the future of personalized beauty. 

- 4-Channel Temperature Monitoring System ensures Precise temperature control at 107.6°F (42°C)

- STM 32F4 control chip: Embrace enhanced effectiveness, precision, and intelligence. 

- Ergonomic design for effortless beauty: lightweight build, intuitive controls, and comfortable grip create an irresistible allure, drawing you to engage in regular treatments with excitement.

- Large battery capacity: 4-5 sessions of 10-minute treatment with single charge

- Five adjustable levels of RF energy for all skin type

- Wireless charging,  IP56 waterproof and dustproof design.

- Quick hydration reduces swelling and dark circles and improves complexion and stay Refreshed.

- 28 days clinical trial: effectively brighten spots, minimize pores, reduce Nasolabial Folds, Fine Lines, and enhance smoothness.

Nebulyft®️ App Integration: Elevate your Skincare with Personalized skin management.