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Orchid Serum Toner 100mL

Product Benefits : Brighten, Hydrate, Anti inflammatory & Balance

Skin Type : All

Product Description : Gelmersea Ceuticals Orchid Serum Toner is infused with hydrating factors to plump the skin and brighten with proven nutritious botanical ingredients.

Key Multi Tasking Benefits

Delivers deep hydration

Softens the skin

Refines skin texture & minimized pores

Brightens & tightens the skin 

Anti aging &anti inflammatory


Enzyme Peeling Gel 100mL

Product Description: Gelmersea Ceuticals Enzyme Peeling Gel is made with fruit enzymes to gently remove dead skin cells and impurities to restore. The special formulation leaves the skin smooth and hydrating, prepares the skin to absorb other nutrients. 

Key Ingredients: 

Aloe Barbadensis Gel: soothes rashes & skin irritations

Chamomila Recutita Flower Extract: calm sensitive skin, antioxidant protection & moisturize

Papain (papaya fruit) & Pineapple Enzymes: helps breakdown and dissolve dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, gently digest keratinized dead epithelium cells on the skin’s surface, reducing inflammation while maintaining protective lipid layers.

Prickly Pear: hydrates, soothes and rejuvenates the skin

Pantenol: provitamin B5, skin protectant with anti-inflammatory properties. It can help improve skin's hydration, elasticity, and smooth appearance.

Jump Your Hair

Jump Your Hair care oil provides strength and amplifies shine thanks to its formula enriched with biotin and keratin.

Scented with a subtle touch of leather, Jump Your Hair, Shea Oil, accentuates the beauty, softness and shine of all types of manes.

Jump Your Hair care oil tames even the wildest.

Ultra light and volatile, it contains unique evanescent components. Its spray application allows an easy, homogeneous and aerial distribution.

Hyalomiel Hands & Feet Jelly with Organic Honey Moisturizing Soothing & Refreshing - Original

Advise for Use: Use a small quantity and massage delicately into your hands or your feet. Your skin will be instantly moisturized, smoothed, softened and relaxed. Its delicate perfume brings you comfort and freshness

Hyalomiel, the Original, the inimitable Hyaline jelly, has been nurturing your beauty and your looks for more than a century.

Ahava Dry Oil Body Mist 

Give the body a radiant, healthy glow with a seductively fragrant dry oil spray-on mist. Made with Mandarin and Cedarwood essence, plus our unique Dead Sea plant oils for added hydration and radiance. Use as needed daily to refresh skin and subtle fragrance.

  • Give the body a radiant, healthy glow with a seductively subtle, fragrant spray-on mist
  • Made with a blissful combination of Mandarin and Cedarwood, enhanced by skin-protecting oils like Jojoba and Vitamin E
  • Absorbs and dries quickly for easy use as part of your daily skin care routine
  • Fragrant spray-on dry oil for smooth, radiant skin
  • Easy, light-weight hydration made with Dead Sea plant oils
  • Calming Mandarin and Cedarwood scent


 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara - Dark Chocolate

Fruit pigmented® Ultra Lengthening Mascara lengthens and separates lashes without clumping, smudging, or flaking. Fitted with a slim hourglass wand to coat each lash in healthy conditioners and stunning natural pigment from black tea, berries, and cocoa. This mascara formula is water resistant and free of coal tar, teflon, and other toxic petrochemicals.

Lengthens and separates lashes without clumping, smudging, or flaking. Coats each lash with conditioners and natural pigment from black tea, berries, and cocoa.

Feret Parfumeur Le Baume Violette Face & Lip Balm

Féret Parfumeur's Le Baume Violette is a multi-use wonder-balm perfect for application on the face, lips and body. The 100% natural formulation contains soothing honey and dandelion for intensive hydration - a light massage is enough for the balm to penetrate and condition skin. Apply the balm generously throughout the year to prevent chaffing, cracked, dry skin.