Tinkle Eyebrow Razor Dermaplaning Razor Pack of 6

Tinkle Eyebrow Razor Dermaplaning Razor Pack of 6

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Tinkle Eyebrow Razor Pack of 6

Don’t be fooled: While the label says “eyebrow razor,” these small but mighty hair removers can be used for your whole face. The blades are extra sharp so there’s no tugging or pulling when you swipe it across your skin. And because they’re such a steal you won’t mind so much when the blades get dull. Just be sure you pull off the safety cover before trying to use it.

What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a mechanical and superficial form of exfoliation. This type of treatment can be sued on all skin concern but is largely used to target pigmentation, congestion and removal of vellus hair.

Contradiction: No Current inflamed acne lesions, skin cancer, active cold sores, uncontrolled diabetes, dermatitis, open skin lesions, use of Accutane currently or within the past 6 months and/or use of prescription Retinol within a 24-48 hours of treatment.


1)Double Clean Your Face: Gelmersea Ceuticals Enzyme Peeling Gel lightly perform the cleanse, exfoliate routine, then remove.

2)Dry Your Face With Eve Lom Muslin Cloth

3) Make Sure your face is dry before dermaplaning. Dermaplaning with your favorite serum or Gelmersea Ceuticals Orchid Serum Toner

4) Wash off with Eve Lom Muslin Cloth

5) Tones your face with Gelmersea Ceuticals Orchid Serum Toner

6) Follow with Gelmersea Ceuticals Orchid Q10 Face Cream


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