Best natural deodorant for all day freshness

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Erbaviva offers two excellent natural deodorant sprays for all-day freshness - the Lemon & Sage and the Jasmine & Grapefruit varieties.

The Lemon & Sage Deodorant Spray contains antibacterial essential oils like lemon, sage, patchouli and tea tree to fight odor-causing bacteria. It has a warm, woodsy scent.

The Jasmine & Grapefruit Deodorant Spray uses a blend of jasmine, cypress, ginger and grapefruit essential oils that are highly effective at reducing perspiration and underarm bacteria. It has a soft, subtle fruity fragrance.

Both sprays utilize an organic grain alcohol base that allows the essential oil blend to penetrate the skin better for long-lasting deodorizing effects.

Key Pros:
- Potent antibacterial/anti-odor essential oil blends
- Organic grain alcohol base enhances oil absorption
- Portable spray for easy reapplication

- Can be used on fabrics/yoga mats too
- Vegan, aluminum-free, USDA certified organic
- Non-staining, non-toxic formulas
- Subtle, natural scent options

The spray format may require more frequent reapplication compared to stick deodorants. But the effective essential oil combinations make both Erbaviva's natural deodorant sprays excellent options for maintaining all-day freshness with an organic, aluminum-free formula. The variety of scents is also nice to suit different preferences.

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