How to choose the most nutritious food

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The truth about losing weight: How to choose the most nutritious food.

1) Vegetables, especially dark green vegetables, have many micronutrients and they are a major source of fiber.
2) The source of protein is mainly meat, especially beef.  Fish, like salmons, tuna are also recommended because there are very good source for omega 3 fatty acids.
The internal organs of animals, especially the liver, have high nutritional value also. Like pig liver, every 100 g, there are about 25 g proteins and a lot of vitamin B and other nutrients. Eating once a week can fulfill a lot of your body's nutritional needs.
3) Your protein intake can be adjusted according to the amount of exercise of the day. Protein is the main nutrient give you satisfying feeling of satiety,so it is really difficult to over eat. 
4) Don't eat base on time, we should eat when we are hungry. Many times our body does not know whether we are thirsty or hungry.  We must consistently drink eight glasses water throughout the day , and adding more water when we exercise. When the body is full of water, our body can easily distinguish between thirst and hunger. It is not recommended to eat less and eat often, because the more often you eat, you increase the frequency of insulin secretion, and in the long run , you will build up insulin resistance.
5) Good oil can help you lose weight and keep you healthy. Good oils include natural oils or fats from natural ingredients. Like olive oil can be used for low-temperature cooking, mixing salads; coconut oil can be used for high-temperature cooking. Bad oils include fried oils and artificially processed oils.
6) The source of carbohydrates, the plant roots are a good source of carbohydrates, like sweet potatoes, carrots and so on. (Refer to the low GI diet table)
7) Selected with good fruits. The nutritional value of berries are high and the kiwifruit is also very good. Try to avoid fruits with higher sugar content, like watermelon. (Refer to the low GI diet table)
8) It takes 20 minutes until that food gets into stomach and into the gut that it starts to release satiety hormones which feed back to the brain to tell us we're full. That's why we should eat very slowly and stop eating when we feel 70-80% full.
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