The Best Brightening Acids for Sensitive Skin Discoloration

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 We know how challenging it can be to keep sensitive skin calm and even-towed, especially during the harsh summer months. With increased sun exposure, many people struggle with discoloration issues like dark spots, redness, and an uneven complexion.

For those with sensitive, dry skin or acne-prone sensitive skin, finding the right brightening solution is key. That's why I want to discuss some of the most effective yet gentle acids for fading discoloration and revealing your natural radiant glow.

Tranexamic Acid This synthetic molecule inhibits the abnormal pigmentation process in skin cells without causing irritation. Tranexamic acid is proven to improve melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and sun damage on sensitive skin types.

We recommend using a daily tranexamic acid serum and incorporating these other brightening acids alongside it:

Azelaic Acid - This multi-tasking acid is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and pigment-reducing, making it ideal for treating acne while fading marks.

Kojic Acid - Derived from fungi, kojic acid inhibits melanin production to treat sun damage and melasma. Use with care as it can potentially irritate sensitive skin.

Mandelic Acid - One of the most gentle alpha hydroxy acids, mandelic acid gently exfoliates to improve texture and discoloration with its antibacterial benefits.

Licorice Root Extract - This brightening botanical inhibits pigmentation and inflammation when used in conjunction with other acids.

Here's a simple summer plan to calm irritation and combat discoloration:

  1. Use a daily mineral sunscreen to prevent further sun damage.
  2. Incorporate tranexamic acid, azelaic acid, and licorice root into your AM and PM routines.
  3. Alternate in low concentrations of kojic acid and mandelic acid 1-2 times per week to avoid irritation.
  4. Be diligent with removing makeup/sunscreen and exfoliating to allow the acids to fully absorb.

With some trial and error to find your ideal combo, you can expect to see a more even, luminous, and discoloration-free complexion this summer. Redness, acne marks, and hyperpigmentation will gradually fade away.

We are here to help you confidently show off your bare, beautiful, bright skin.

Sensitive skin is our business: anti inflammatory, soothe and repair 

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