Vigorous indoor excercise for younger looking skin and body

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 Vigorous indoor exercise for younger looking skin and body.

The science behind building muscle strength and maintaining beautiful skin.


We've always know that combining exercise, and healthy eating make you look younger and stay fit.  What's the science behind muscle strength and beautiful skin? How are all these related to heaving younger, healthier skin? Believe it or not, the secret is carefully traumatize your muscle. The key is "carefully". So now you’re thinking about hitting the gym and maybe even building up some muscle. 

Though it may seem a little counter intuitive,but the process is very similar to having microdermabration or microneedling treatment on your face. It is a controlled, carefully induced trauma to your face.

When muscles are overloaded during vigorous exercise, little tears are made in the muscle itself, this micro trauma is the natural response when your muscles experience work that is out of its daily comfort zone. The muscle repairs the little tears when you're resting, and this helps muscles grow in size and strength. 

So when you do vigorous exercise, you’re actually slightly damaging your muscles by allowing them to do extra work than they would in normal daily life.

And that damage is why you wake up sore the next day. To think of it in simple terms, you’re inducing a controlled injury, and the soreness is telling you that you need to repair your body trauma, the mini tears in the fibers of the connective tissues. 

Being indoor, you are not influenced by the weather,it is easier to maintain a regular workout schedule. In addition, being indoors, you are avoiding extra exposure in the sun, the number one skin damaging cause. 

Post work out nutrition is crucial. Eating within 30 minutes can be even more beneficial, suggesting a balanced meal with carbs and protein. You should focus on post-workout nutrition and proper recovery. Once the muscle has been overloaded, it is then necessary to focus on the nutritional component followed by adequate sleep to ensure optimal. When you exercise, you should exercise to the point of fatigue but not pain. The key is to listen to your body.  


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