Why is cozenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) important in skincare?

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What cozenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) ?

Coenzyme Q10, or simply Q10, is an antioxidant your body naturally makes the antioxidant coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). As skin matures, it may become thinner and begin to sag, make skin cells more vulnerable to damage. Depending on how much time you've spent in the sun, varying degrees of wrinkles may form. Fortunately, a number of skin care products may reverse some of the signs of aging skin. A number of skin care products may reverse some of the signs of aging skin, to zap free radicals in cells. CoQ10 Skin Benefits CoQ10 is a very powerful antioxidant, which means it can stop the damage that free radicals cause to the skin and its tissues. Research has proven that CoQ10 is not only beneficial when taken internally, but it is also beneficial when applied topically.

Gelmersea Ceutical Orchid Q10 Face Cream is boosted with Q10, Ceremide III, VI and I, jojoba oil and green tea extracts. Skin Ceramides make up 35-40% of the lipids in the extraccullar that binds together protective cells in the outermost skin layer. Jojoba oil treats skin disorders and balances oil production. Green tea extract is a powerful antioxidant, anti inflammatory. All the power of botanical naturally lock in the moisture and give your skin a healthy hydrated glow.

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