Best Skincare routine for sensitive skin

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The Perfect Skincare Routine for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you know the struggle of finding skincare products that don't cause irritation, redness, or breakouts. Many popular products contain harsh ingredients that can exacerbate sensitive skin issues. That's why it's so important for those with sensitive skin to carefully choose a gentle, fragrance-free routine.

After trying countless products, I've finally found a skincare line that truly soothes my sensitive skin - Gelmersea Ceuticals.  This clean, plant-based skincare brand avoids common irritants and is specially formulated for sensitive types. Here is my simple but effective daily routine using Gelmer Sea products:

AM Routine:

  1. Skip face washing - Allowing your nighttime products to keep working overnight.
  2. Apply the Orchid Serum TonerThis gentle toner replenishes moisture
  3. Apply SOS Rapid Calming Gel to any irritated areas to instantly soothe 
  4. Moisturize with the Orchid Q10 Face Cream.
  5. Don't forget SPF! The professional Face Sunscreen SPF 40 and up.
  6. Apply SOS Rapid Calming Gel to any irritated areas to instantly soothe 

PM Routine:

  1. Use a few drops of cold pressed jojoba oil to dissolve makeup and impurities.
  2. Cleanse with the Enzyme Peeling Gel.
  3. Apply the Orchid Serum Toner to hydrate skin and balance skin PH. 
  4. Use SOS Rapid Calming Gel on any irritated areas as needed 
  5. Follow with the Orchid Q10 Face Cream 

The SOS Rapid Calming Gel is a must-have for sensitive skin! This soothing, cooling gel contains ingredients like water melon seed extract, aloe vera rapidly calm any irritation, redness, or inflammation. I use it after sun exposure, before applying other products, to create a calmed base for my skin.

I also apply it to any areas experiencing sensitivity, rashes, dryness, etc. as an intensive treatment before my other nighttime products. It provides instant relief and helps skin recover quickly.

Using this hydrating, calming routine with the SOS Rapid Calming Gel has been a game changer for my sensitive skin. If you struggle with reactivity, redness, or irritation, the Gelmersea line is worth trying!


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