How a Natural Mascara Can Transform Your Lashes

Posted by tracy tse on

It’s true — a natural mascara can be life-changing

If you're already a fan of big, fluttery lashes, then you know the transformative power that a great mascara has on your average beauty look. Darker lashes help to define the eyes, outlining them as a main feature of the face, and drawing attention right to the pupils of the eyes.

For those with fair skin, hair, or eyes, a dark mascara will prove even more dramatic, providing definition on the face where there's usually a less contrasting color scheme

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With a great mascara, you should notice each lash being evenly coated, lifted, darkened, and defined. Achieving a fan-like effect is another way that mascara can mean an overall sexier look. By rolling the wand over the top of the lashes (close to the eyelid) in upward motions, you can curl and coat at the same time for a wide-eyed look that makes you look younger and more awake.


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